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    Established in 2012, Balam Tattoo Studio is a Los Angeles tattoo parlor with the Heart, Love and Respect for the Ancient art of tattooing. We specialize in traditional and tribal tattoos, among other styles.
    We also do religious tattoos for the spiritual faithful. It does not matter if you desire basic letter tattoos or more intricate realistic tattoos, Balam Tattoo Studio can design whatever is needed.
    Our portrait tattoos will preserve your family legacy or an image of someone else. We offer 24 hour tattoos, so drop by our tattoo parlor whenever you're in the spirit.

Our Services

Tribal Tattoos

We have multiple styles of tribal tattoos available to you. Bring in your own tribal designs or ride with a Balam Tattoo Studio custom design.

Letter Tattoos

If you prefer to keep it simple, Balam Tattoo Studio offers letter tattoos to show of your initials or any verbal manifestation of your spirit. Drop by the studio to see what else we offer!

Portrait tattoo
Portrait Tattoos

Family is everything at Balam Tattoo Studio, and we can do portrait tattoos to commemorate family or express your devotion to anyone else. Bring a photograph or pose in-store.

Religious Tattoos

The soul and spirit are one at Balam Tattoo Studio. That is why we do religious tattoos for the faithful. Whether black and grey or realistic tattoos, we'll make your body a visual temple.

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